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Constituency Review Submission from John McDermott

John McDermott

Submission ID: S85




Dublin Central, Dublin North-West, Dublin West, Dublin Fingal

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VERY URGENT;    by 10th MAY,  the public can now submit to the latest Electoral Boundary Review on their preferred boundary options.

NRCC will be making a submission as we did last time, when Navan Road area residents individually submitted the largest number of all areas.  We will be asking for a restoration of Navan Road and Ashtown  to a 4 seater DUBLIN CENTRAL constituency for the next General Election. At present we are represented at local level by our Dublin City Councillors (for Cabra/Glasnevin) and at National/Dáil level we are represented by 4 T.D.’s from Dublin West, Fingal.   This makes it very difficult to receive proper attention for issues within our area, as our T.D.s , all in Fingal/Dublin West have to deal with multiple local authorities, whilst our Navan Road area is in Dublin Central, under each Dublin City Development Plan.     Skreen Road alone is in an unusual situation, with its City side in one Constituency, and opposite side in another Constituency – confusing for many visiting public reps themselves.

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