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Constituency Review Submission from Joseph Daly

Joseph Daly

Submission ID: S310




Louth, Meath East, Meath West

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To whom it may concern,

I would like to make the following points in relation to the Boundary Review.

· The small area of Laytown-Bettystown currently in the Louth Constituency should be moved back into the Meath East Constituency.

· Meath has seen the biggest population increase since the last census and is continuing to grow.

· Louth could maintain a 5-seater with its current population, without the Laytown-Bettystown piece included.

·Local government operates entirely on the basis of traditional county boundaries and therefore the current arrangement leaves half of the Laytown-Bettystown Municipal District in the Meath East Constituency and half in the Louth Constituency.  This is very confusing and has left a sense of disconnect for the population annexed to Louth.

· This can be seen in the turnout at the last General Election.  Turnout in Louth (Co Louth only) was 63%, in Meath it was 64%, and the Laytown-Bettystown area in the Louth Constituency it was 55%.  A clear indication that there is a sense of detachment among the community.

·Evidence would suggest that restoring the Meath County Boundary would leave a very easy solution of providing two 4-seater constituencies, in Meath East and Meath West, thus helping to engage the affected communities and restore voter turnout.

Yours sincerely

Joseph Daly

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