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Constituency Review Submission from Joseph Nugent

Joseph Nugent

Submission ID: S06




Dublin Fingal, Dublin West, Dublin North-West, Dublin Bay North

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An Coimisiún Toghcháin,

Dublin Castle,

Dublin 2

Re: Dáil and European Parliament Constituency Review

Thank you for the opportunity to make a submission in relation to the above.

In considering the published population statistics for constituencies, it is apparent that the Population per TD for the Dublin Fingal constituency is out of kilter with most other Dublin constituencies.  Bordered by Louth and Meath East the opportunity for revision outside of the county boundary is limited in accordance with the Commission’s parameters is limited.  Within the county boundary of Dublin there appear to be some opportunity. 

Dublin West with a 4 TD configuration might provide some opportunity.  However, I would argue that the natural boundary to the north east has already been reached.  I would suggest that areas further in this part of the Dublin Fingal boundary are traditionally part of Fingal and are more closely associated with this part of the county than the Mulhuddart/Blanchardstown communities.  Furthermore, expansion in this direction is unlikely to deliver sufficient additional population that would on its own justify a 5th seat for the Dublin West constituency.  To expand further in this direction into Dublin Fingal could, in my opinion, only break the long standing north and historical links of the Dublin community of St. Margaret’s away from it’s traditional Fingal home.

Dublin North West has the lowest population per TD in the county.  Accordingly, I believe that it is well placed for a revision of its boundary to the north consuming part of the current Dublin Fingal area.  I would ask the Commission to consider expanding the Dublin North West boundary to include the arc from the M1 at Dardistown to the East and continuing south of the R108 as far as Kilshane Cross.

I would also suggest that the Commission consider revising the boundary between Dublin Fingal and Dublin Bay North.  Specifically, I would suggest that there is an opportunity to consider providing for all of the Balgriffin area south of the R123 and east of the grounds of Belcamp college.  This would reflect some shifts in population patterns within the area while retaining a natural community area within a single constituency.

The net effect of the suggestions is to propose revisions to bring closer alignment in terms of Population per TD while maintaining a coherent logical social, historical and geographical link within the Dublin North constituencies. 

I make this submission as a long-time resident of north county Dublin and can confirm I am not a member of or affiliated to any political party.  My sole motivation in making this submission is to contribute to the debate on this issue and to offer some personal thoughts on possible options for revision.

Yours sincerely

Joseph Nugent

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