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Constituency Review Submission from Justin Fleming

Justin Fleming

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To the Electoral Commission,

In the interest of proportionality and respecting the recommendation of the Convention on the Constitution, that Dáil constituencies would each have at least five seats, I suggest that the number of three-seat constituencies, in particular, should be minimised, ideally to zero, although I understand that it may be difficult for you to honour your legal obligations and other terms of reference without providing for some three-seat constituencies.

I suggest that you use your research function to make a recommendation to the Minister and the
Government to amend the electoral legislation to provide for Dáil constituencies of four, five or six seats, instead of the current three, four or five seats set in law. I am concerned that an increase in the number of three-seat constituencies may reduce the proportionality of representation in the Dáil and exclude important minority voices.

Accordingly, I suggest that you use the increase in population and the corresponding increased range in the number of Dáil seats required by the Constitution to maximise proportionality within the existing legislative provisions, and to put forward constituency boundaries that will be fit for the future as our population continues to grow, so that there won’t be a need to keep changing constituency boundaries too regularly.

Thank you for your consideration.


Justin Fleming

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