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Constituency Review Submission from Keith Mills

Keith Mills

Submission ID: S63




European Constituencies - Dublin, European Constituencies - South, European Constituencies - Midlands-North-West

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The draft proposal of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs suggests that Ireland will be entitled to an additional MEP at the next election, to be held in 2024. This would increase Irish representation to 14 MEPs and this provides an opportunity to reduce the size of a couple of the current constituencies which are geographically too large.

The option of returning to the previous for Euro constituencies would result in some large variations in population per MEP, so I propose the following changes.

DUBLIN (population 1.45m, per most recent census), to remain as a four seat constituency.

MUNSTER (population 1.36m) to be re-established as a for seat constituency.

CONNACHT-ULSTER (population 0.85m) plus the contiguous Leinster counties of Louth, Longford and Westmeath (combined population 0.28m) to be established as a three seat constituency.

REST OF LEINSTER (population 1.12m) to be a three seat constituency.

This gives the following populations per MEP:
Dublin: 290,140
Munster: 272,820
Connacht-Ulster-North Leinster: 295,628
Rest of Leinster: 281,557

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