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Constituency Review Submission from Kieran McNulty

Kieran McNulty

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In this submission I am proposing that the Kerry Dáil constituency be once again divided into two constituencies.  

At present there Kerry consists of just one Dáil constituency electing five TD’s. Previously the county was made up of two constituencies each electing three TD’s, a combined total of six TD’s for Kerry.

I propose that the Electoral Commission now recommends that Kerry once again be split in to two constituencies each electing three TD’s.

My reasons proposing that the Electoral Commission make these recommendations on the redrawing and Dáil representation for County Kerry is twofold:

  1. The population of Kerry recorded in Census 2022 was 155,258 which means one TD per 31,052. This is over the limit of 30,000 population stated in the Irish Constitution, Article 16.2.2°.  Increasing representation in the Dáil to six TD’s would mean one TD per 25,876 of the county’s population, well above the minimum figure of 20,000 population per TD as again stated in the Constitution.
  2. The two new Kerry constituencies each electing three TD’s, (six in total for the county), should consist of one constituency for North Kerry centered on Tralee and one for South Kerry centered on Killarney.

Kieran McNulty

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