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Constituency Review Submission from Larry Cassidy

Larry Cassidy

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Louth, Meath East

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Due to the growth of Drogheda to the south, extending beyond the county boundary and into Co. Meath, a significant portion of the residents of Drogheda and its environs do not have a say in the public administration of the town/city where they live.  The current constituency boundaries split the cumulative capacity of the residents of the Greater Drogheda area and skews the results toward the larger population areas in Louth and Meath that are not subject to such a split, promoting a bias.

A redrawing of the constituency boundaries to recognise the significant and continued expansion of South Louth and East Meath, and their greater integration, is required to ensure appropriate representation at local, national and European level.

The CSO 2022 Census, reports that the Local Electoral Areas in South Louth and East Meath have a total population of 73,249.  From a national perspective this is well within the criteria for a 3-Seater constituency, and as a significant and growing conurbation this is merited.  From a local perspective, a cumulative population of this size should have a greater say in the local and national policies that impact the area where they live, rather than have it diluted across two separate local authorities with administrative bases and apparent priorities significantly distant.

For your consideration.


Larry Cassidy,

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