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Ireland’s Statutory, Independent Electoral Commission

Constituency Review Submission from Liam Ahern

Liam Ahern

Submission ID: S51




Cork South-West, Cork North-West

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Let’s have 181 seats, our population is going upwards rapidly.

Regarding my own area which is Cork South West I feel that it needs to be expanded in to the present Cork North West taking in Macroom and then West to the County Bound with Kerry.

It is unfair to Dunmanway to be just on the border of CNW, the expanded area would of course be a 4 seater, travel is so easy now so bigger areas are the way forward, after all we had 7 and 9 seaters 100 years ago when travel was difficult.

In Connaught it is difficult not to breach County Bounderies due to a lower population.

Make all areas 4 and 5 seaters, 3 seaters give the bigger parties a great advantage. Thank you for reading this and the best of luck with your endeavours.

Beir Bua, 

Liam Ahern

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