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Constituency Review Submission from Margaret Doyle

Margaret Doyle

Submission ID: S290




Wexford, Carlow-Kilkenny

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Dear Sir / Madam,

If Wexford is to become two three seat constituencies, then there is an even divide of the local electoral areas (Gorey/Kilmuckridge and Wexford : 17 Council seats and Enniscorthy, New Ross and Rosslare : 17 Council seats). This East / West split would mean that the local electoral areas would be held together and voters represented by one set of Councillors and one set of TDs.

If Wexford is not divided and parts of the County have to be transferred to other constituencies, I would ask that in any redraw of constituency boundaries that you don’t simply move a few thousand people from Wexford into Wicklow just to make up the numbers. If you must breach county boundaries then a suggested new constituency of Gorey/Kilmuckridge and Arklow would make sense as there are lots of links between these areas. A similar case could be made about New Ross and South Kilkenny.

Thank you for your time.

Margaret Doyle

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