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Ireland’s Statutory, Independent Electoral Commission

Constituency Review Submission from Mark Mylotte

Mark Mylotte

Submission ID: S69




Mayo, Galway East, Galway West

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Re: Electoral boundaries
Large part of South Mayo is currently in Galway Constitutancy. We are poorly represented as our TDs are Galway based. We are situated next to the biggest lake in Ireland, lough Corrib with Galway City at the opposite side. We are marginalised as Galway don’t want us. TDs tend to come through their local County Council system having first served as a local Councillor. So it’s nearly impossible for us to get represented anytime in the future under current divisions. Mayo County Council look after our services yet we have to look for Galway Tds to serve us. As the saying goes “between two stools you fall”
Ballinrobe is turning into the next “Rathkeal” place is practically lawless. It’s dangerous in daylight not to mind night time. The place is awash with drugs and no social facilities for young people. The town itself has been in decay for the last 45 yrs. We are 40kms from Galway City so we are far enough away that they don’t have to bother do anything about us. Exiled in Mayo.

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