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Ireland’s Statutory, Independent Electoral Commission

Constituency Review Submission from Martin Garry

Martin Garry

Submission ID: S296




Louth, Meath East

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Drogheda/South Louth/East Meath is the fastest growing urban area in Ireland, with a shared,merging population of 67,000 people. Many State bodies and organisations already view this as one large metropolitan area, including An Post, HSE, LMETB, Fire and Ambulance Services, Irish Water, The National Transport Authority, etc. Even as far back as the last Constituency Review, .East Meath became part of the Louth constituency, in recognition of this agglomeration, acknowledging it as one natural catchment from both a community and economic perspective.

Drogheda and East Meath are no longer distinct and separate areas; they are rapidly merging with the population of these regions sharing various resources, including infrastructure, facilities,transportation, employment, and much more.

I would propose that Drogheda and East Meath remain in the same constituency. Alternatively, it makes sense to establish a new constituency for the Drogheda/South Louth/East Meath area, including some outlying regions that depend on Drogheda for resources and facilities.

Martin Garry

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