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Constituency Review Submission from Mary Cummins

Mary Cummins

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Kildare North, Kildare South

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To whom it concerns,

The townland of Killashee is not beside Naas,  it is part of Naas. It is an essential social fabric of Naas. For example, the well known Killashee Hotel, Killashee, Naas and its adjoining hotel lands are one of the social, recreational and sporting nerve centres of Naas. Numerous primary and secondary pupils walk/cycle from Naas town and surrounding areas to attend the 5 schools located in this Killashee area. Further works improving the cycle and pedestrian lanes are ongoing at present. Furthermore the Killashee Hotel and its popular outdoor walking amenities, swimming pool & gym are an integral part of Naas local sport & recreation and are used on a daily basis by many living locally. People living in my local community work, shop , socialise, attend secondary schools, theatre and other cultural events in Naas as well as availing of the local hospital, vista healthcare centre and the various services available at Kildare County Council, Aras Chill Dara, Naas.  

In my opinion it would be difficult to find a greater geographical constituency dichotomy than the current configuration which separates part of Killashee and the immediately adjoining Mullacash townland from Naas (Kildare North Constituency). In order to rectify this, because it is a relatively small populated area, it should be straightforward to address this incongruity by accommodating Killashee and Mullacash as part of Kildare North constituency. Therefore I request the Commission to consider including all of Killashee as well as Mullacash and Two Mile House village in the Kildare North constituency. 

As a person who worked in Naas for many years it abundantly clear that Killashee, Mullacash and the village of Two Mile House is an intrinsic socio-economic part of Naas. Local residents are intrigued to know what was the justification in the first instance  (for what looks like to be an arbitrary decision) to separate these areas from Naas? 

At the most recent election in 2020, some persons residing in Killashee (who heretofore always voted at elections in the primary school in Two Mile House village) were assigned to vote in a polling station located near Ballymore Eustace located approx 9km from Killashee. I respectfully suggest that a closer examination and assessment of appropriate local mapping should assist. 

Thanking you,

Mary Cummins

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