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Constituency Review Submission from Mayor, Cllr Michelle Hall 

Mayor, Cllr Michelle Hall 

Submission ID: S331




Louth, Meath East

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A chara,

Under the boundary review, as Mayor of Drogheda, I believe that the area would be best served by a 3 seater with Drogheda and East Meath being its own constituency represented in Dáil Éireann. This is the fastest growing urban area in Ireland, with Drogheda as the largest town. It is going to increase substantially due to the construction of new housing facilitated by the Port Access Northern Cross Route. It is estimated that up to another 20,000 residents will be living here within a decade. 

There is very little hinterland between Drogheda and East Meath. Indeed we are currently developing a Joint Urban Area Plan between both local authorities. 

The boundary should include Drogheda Rural, Drogheda Urban LEAs and East Meath, or if not possible to extend that far, then include all of St Mary’s ED. 

I hope you will seriously consider this proposal of improving the representation of elected representatives in the Greater Drogheda Area. 


Mayor, Cllr Michelle Hall 

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