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Constituency Review Submission from Michael Brennan

Michael Brennan

Submission ID: S65




Mayo, Galway West

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A chara,

I write to you with regard to the review of Dáil constituencies.

I am concerned about the bizarre situation where my area in South Mayo is currently in the Galway West constituency. This area should, in my opinion, be returned back to the constituency of Mayo. 

I believe that our county boundary should also be the constituency boundary. 

Our county boundary has recently been breached and when this happened, it felt like we were being set adrift into a political wilderness, with no real local representation. 

South Mayo has a sizeable, healthy population. 

I entreat you to return the following areas, at least, to within the Mayo constituency boundary:  

Cong, Kilmaine, Shrule and The Neale. 

I do hope you consider my request. 

Thank you. 

Kind regards,

Michael Brennan

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