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Constituency Review Submission from Mike Goode

Mike Goode

Submission ID: S141




Clare, Limerick City, Limerick County

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Good evening

I have just heard that there is a proposal to move our area into the Limerick electoral area…. again.

I must say that this is extremely frustrating. We seem to be bounced around in and out of this constituency with alarming regularity.

One of the cornerstones of our system is the accessibility of our TDs, which means TDs take an interest in the issues facing the voters of their constituency and take time to build relationships with a broad set of stakeholders within them.

Repeatedly flip flopping between two electoral areas does nothing to develop this and could cause some less diligent TDs to ignore areas, such as ours, if they can’t rely on their work being rewarded at election time.

I most strongly oppose this change and request that it is not proceeded with.

Mike Goode

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