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Constituency Review Submission from Padraig Masterson

Padraig Masterson

Submission ID: S306




Louth, Meath East

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To whom it may concern,

I would like to make the following points in relation to the Boundary Review.

• The small area of Laytown-Bettystown currently in the Louth Constituency should be moved back into the Meath East Constituency.

• Meath has seen the biggest population increase since the last census and is continuing to grow.

• Louth could maintain a 5-seater with its current population, without the Laytown-Bettystown piece included.

• Local government operates entirely on the basis of traditional county boundaries and therefore the current arrangement leaves half of the Laytown Bettystown Municipal District in the Meath East Constituency and half in the Louth Constituency. This is very confusing and has left a sense of disconnect for the population annexed to Louth.

• This can be seen in the turnout at the last General Election. Turnout in Louth (Co Louth only) was 63%, in Meath it was 64%, and the Laytown-Bettystown area in the Louth Constituency it was 55%. A clear indication that there is a sense of detachment among the community.

• Evidence would suggest that restoring the Meath County Boundary would leave a very easy solution of providing two 4-seater constituencies, in Meath East and Meath West, thus helping to engage the affected communities and restore voter turnout.

Many thanks,

Padraig Masterson

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