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Ireland’s Statutory, Independent Electoral Commission

Constituency Review Submission from Paraic Conlon

Paraic Conlon

Submission ID: S165




Clare, Limerick City

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I have heard that ye are looking at bringing  part of South East Clare  into Limerick  city constituency. This is not to happen. Some Years ago an attempt was made by Limerick  City Council  to take over  this part of Clare.   It was rejected  by thousands  of people in Clare. A large march was organised  against this  and the result was the government  department  responsible for this rejected completely  Limerick City proposal. 

Again I urge you to completely reject any  part of  of south east Clare being in Limerick  constituency  as this will again raise the issue of this  part of Clare being taken over by Limerick  City.  This is not acceptable  to anybody in Clare where Gaa Clubs have a clear identity  with Clare   Yours Sincerely

Paraic Conlon

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