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Ireland’s Statutory, Independent Electoral Commission

Constituency Review Submission from Pat Foy

Pat Foy

Submission ID: S411




Kildare North, Kildare South

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To Whom it may concern

This submission is presented to canvass for the inclusion of Two Mile House and surrounding areas in the Naas electoral district of Kildare North. And an increase in the number of electoral seats in the constituency.

Considering the population expansion of Two Mile House, and its proximity to Naas it is an obvious geographical boundary reclassification from Kildare South. Some of the key justifications for the said proposal:

·         Secondary schools, the majority of the kids in the Two Mile House area attend schools in Naas.

·         Sporting activities such as GAA are now accepting kids from the Killashee area to join the local clubs.

·         The majority of young kids playing rugby are doing so with Naas Rugby Club.

·          Cultural and economic ties with Naas as opposed to major town in Kildare South

In addition, there are a number of very valid reasons to increase the number of seats in the Kildare North constituency from 4 to 5. When one considers

·         Population growth of Naas.

·         Considerable business expansion from both indigenous and international companies in the greater Naas area.

·         Adequate governmental representation across all parties to further support and canvass for investment and development of key towns in the Kildare North district

·         Motorway infrastructure development to support the business expansion in the area.

·         Solar panel and battery storage discussions. 

Yours sincerely

Pat Foy

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