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Constituency Review Submission from Patricia Dunleavy

Patricia Dunleavy

Submission ID: S467




Dublin West, Dublin Central

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Dublin Central/Dublin West

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing to request that Ashtown A, Ashtown B and the part of the Phoenix Park Consituency which were moved to Dublin West in 2012 be returned to. 4/5 Seat Dublin Central Constituency. 

It makes no sense to have part of our area in Dublin West for Dail Elections and the other part in Dublin Central for Local Elections. In face part of our area is disenfranchised by this arrangement. 

We find it very difficult to get proper engagement from our TDs in Dublin West as they are invested in the older Dublin West areas and deal with Fingal Co Co which has no responsibility for our area. 

Many thanks

Patricia Dunleavy

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