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Constituency Review Submission from Paul Mahon

Paul Mahon

Submission ID: S58





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From: Paul Mahon

Sent: Sunday 23 April 2023 15:59

To: ELC Constituency Review

Subject: S58 Paul Mahon Submission Carlow-Kilkenny

To whom it may concern,

I wish to make a submission regarding the constituency of Carlow-Kilkenny.

I would ask the commission to retain the area of the Callan-Thomastown LEA in it’s entirety within the Kilkenny constituency and especially not to separate part of the LEA resulting in no TD in the area. 

I would also ask the commission to respect the County boundary in the Piltown LEA and to ensure that if any part of Kilkenny is separated from the rest of the county, that the commission ensure that area has enough of a population to elect it’s own TD,

Thank you,

Paul Mahon

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