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Constituency Review Submission from Paul Russell

Paul Russell

Submission ID: S211




Dublin Fingal, Dublin West, Dublin Central

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Dear Sir/Madam,  

My wife and I live in Dublin 7.

For local election purposes we are located in Cabra Glasnevin. For Dail elections we are located in West Dublin/Fingal. We used to always be located in Dublin Central for both elections where both our Councillors and TDs were known to us.

The current situation where our councillors are from Cabra/Glasnevin and our TDs are from West Dublin/Fingal is unsatisfactory as our area was chopped off out of Dublin Central Area and hived off to Cabra/Glasnevin and otherwise hived off to West Dublin in Fingal.

Our houses are not located in Glasnevin and only on the very edge of Cabra but not really in Cabra. We are certainly not located in Fingal. We are properly associated with Dublin Central and always were until we were hived-off to suit a number juggling exercise.

We are aware that the Navan Road Community Council will be making a submission to have our area restored to Dublin Central for both local and national elections

We support this view.

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