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Ireland’s Statutory, Independent Electoral Commission

Constituency Review Submission from Pauline Coakley

Pauline Coakley

Submission ID: S423




Dublin West, Dublin Central, Dublin Fingal

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Re Skreen Road, Navan Road, Dublin 7

Note  : Skreen Road is split down the middle with the  West side  in West Dublin/Fingal  and the East side in Dublin Central Constituencies. It is impossible to have concerns dealt with in any orderly way as we have  to contact multiple offices, TD’s and Councillors. 

Please  consider placing all of Skreen Road in the West Dublin/Fingal area which has similar major concerns such as the Navan Road Transport Proposals.

Electoral Boundary Proposal:  Place Skreen Road area in West Dublin/Fingal Constituency 


Pauline Coakley

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