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Constituency Review Submission from Peter Ludlow

Peter Ludlow

Submission ID: S79




Meath East, Cavan-Monaghan

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Dear Sir/Madam,

We live in North East Meath, and we strongly request that we be put back into the Meath East Constituency. Our affiliations are very much with County Meath in all areas of day to day life. We have a Meath TD living 3 miles from us and yet we cannot vote for that person. Our nearest existing TD in some 23 miles away!!!

It just makes no sense to have us, in this little area of County Meath, hived off just to make up the numbers in the Monaghan/Cavan constituency, particularly as we really have no tangible day to day business or social connection with Monaghan/Cavan.

We trust that you will rectify this anomaly in your decisions. Thank you. 

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