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Ireland’s Statutory, Independent Electoral Commission

Constituency Review Submission from Rathcoole Historical Society – Ann Hackett

Rathcoole Historical Society – Ann Hackett

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Dublin Mid-West

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The Rathcoole Historical Society write to make a submission to the Electoral Commission.

We respectfully request that decisions around constituency boundaries consider the vibrant community of the 4 Districts, which has played an important role in Irish history.

The 4 Districts describes the four rural villages of Brittas, Saggart, Rathcoole and Newcastle. We are situated in the constituency of Dublin Mid West. We believe Rathcoole’s proximity and bus connections to Clondalkin, and Newcastle’s proximity and train line to Lucan, mean that Dublin Mid West is the appropriate constituency for us given that so many residents live, work, go to school, play sports and have families in that constituency.

The four villages make up the one parish and share community resources and amenities. The primary schools in Brittas, Saggart and Newcastle are the main feeder schools for Rathcoole’s second level school. More importantly, the villages share a strong sense of community and belonging. Numerous boundary committees separated and reunited our community based purely on census statistics. When we were divided into two different local electoral areas, it damaged our ability to rally political support for issues in our rural community, because our electoral voice was diminished.

The history and heritage of the 4 Districts was celebrated during centenary commemorations. The Old Courthouse in Rathcoole is currently being refurbished into a community facility. An original Proclamation of Independence was nailed to its door in Easter 1916. That very Proclamation, and all of the originals, was typed onto paper made in the neighbouring village of Saggart.

The Rathcoole Historical Society St. Brigid’s Well Committee, which includes members from Saggart and Newcastle recently unveiled a plaque at the site of St. Brigid’s Well, Tay Lane, the committee hope to restore the well in time for celebration in 2025. To mark our new bank holiday to recognise St. Brigid, events were hosted in Rathcoole and Clondalkin to mark the ancient ritual sites in both of these locations. The links between our 4 Districts and Clondalkin village are historic.

The only way to support sustainable rural communities like ours is to allow our democratic voice and our community spirit thrive. That means treating the 4 Villages as one community and ensuring that we are kept together in Dublin Mid West.

Yours Sincerely

Ann Hackett

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