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Constituency Review Submission from Roundwood Fine Gael

Roundwood Fine Gael

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To the Chair of Electoral Commission

We wish to make a submission regarding Wicklow constituency for consideration during the Constituency review.

Wicklow has a population of 155,485 people as reported recently.

  1. In our opinion it would appear that it is unnecessary to cross county boundaries as Wicklow is a rapid growing constituency. Currently a lot of building occurring especially along the North, East and South of the county.
  •  All current five TD’s are based in the North area of the county, two in Bray and three in Greystones.  This leaves a large portion of the county without a representation of a TD. It is likely that without change of structure that due to the highly populated areas of Bray and Greystone’s that the same result would be likely.  
  • Our suggestion that you should consider having two three seaters within the county boundaries, ensuring a better distribution of representatives across the county.
  • In the event of not having enough population in County Wicklow to create two three seaters when calculating numbers. Our suggestion would be to avoid the splitting of the individual Municipal Districts to get the required figures.  

Yours sincerely,

Catherine Symes                                                           Geoff Seymour

Roundwood Fine Gael                                                 Roundwood Fine Gael

Branch Secretary                                                           Branch Chairperson

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