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Constituency Review Submission from Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee

Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee

Submission ID: S476




Dublin Fingal, Dublin Bay North, National Issues

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A chara, 

I wish to make suggestions regarding the redrawing of Dáil constituencies on the publication of the census results. In my opinion, it is vitally important that the Local Electoral Areas are kept within the same Dáil constituency in as far as is possible. Currently the local electoral area of Howth-Malahide is divided between Dublin Fingal and Dublin Bay North. For cohesive representation, it would be far better if all of this electoral area and other local electoral areas across Dublin and the rest of the country are within the one Dáil constituency. Furthermore, I believe strongly that county boundaries are not breached in so far as is possible and only do so when a sizable population from each county can be included within the constituency. 

Is mise le meas, 

Senator Lorraine Clifford-Lee 

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