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Constituency Review Submission from Senator Robbie Gallagher

Senator Robbie Gallagher

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Cavan-Monaghan, Meath East, Meath West

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From:    Robbie Gallagher

Sent:      Tuesday 7 March 2023 16:51

To:         ELC ConstituencyReview

Cc:         Robbie Gallagher

Subject:               Senator Robbie Gallagher-Electoral submission re Cavan Monaghan constituency

A chara,

I write to include the following submission for consideration by the Electoral Commission in its review specifically with regard to the current Cavan Monaghan constituency which incorporates part of North County Meath.

With an increase in TD’s likely due to national population increase, Cavan (pop. 81,201) and Monaghan (pop. 64,832) should become a full five seat constituency in its own right with a total population of 146,033.

Every effort should be made to guarantee that each county or 2 counties collectively which make up a constituency should have at least 1 TD representing their interests in Dáil Eireann.

I have been contacted by a number of constituents from North Meath whose desire would be to be reunited with Co. Meath.

It would be more straightforward for elected members if county boundaries were maintained.  They would have a more practicable and manageable number of agencies to deal with on a representational level to serve their constituents’ interests. Eg local authorities, planning, health care services etc.

At the moment there are 4 Dáil constituencies in Co Meath and I feel that North Meath should be included with Meath East constituency due to geographical location.

Thanks in advance for considering this submission and I hope that it can be included in your final recommendations.

Kind regards

Senator Robbie Gallagher

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