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Constituency Review Submission from Shane Smyth

Shane Smyth

Submission ID: S300




Sligo-Leitrim, Donegal, Roscommon-Galway

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To whom it may concern. 

I am writing as a resident of Bundoran, County Donegal – part of the current Sligo/Leitrim/South Donegal/North Roscommon constituency. I feel that the area of South Donegal is better represented in a complete all county Donegal constituency. The local County Council representatives are also focused on Donegal. Given the proximity of the border and how it affects Donegal as a whole, the TDs in Donegal are more aware of border related issues. The community of South Donegal gravitates to Donegal town, Killybegs and Letterkenny rather than in the opposite direction with the connection to Sligo being less natural.

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