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Constituency Review Submission from Steven Murphy

Steven Murphy

Submission ID: S438




Wexford, Wicklow

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As a resident of the Kilmuckridge district, I am very concerned by some submissions suggesting that my LEA (Kilmuckridge) be put into a constituency that includes LEAs from County Wicklow. #

I live an equal distant to both Enniscorthy Town and Wexford Town. It is slightly further to Gorey town from where I live but all are within a 30-minute drive. It is imperative that the County Boundary of Wexford is not breached as to breach the county boundaries would isolate and tear apart communities with a strong Wexford identity.

Residents of County Wexford go to school, shop, attend the doctor, enjoy amenities all in the county. Someone in the Kilmuckridge LEA has much more in common with someone at Hook Head or Bunclody than they do with someone in County Wicklow.

I would urge you to not breach county Boundaries when making considerations on the current Wexford Constituency.

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