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Ireland’s Statutory, Independent Electoral Commission

Constituency Review Submission from Thomas Quirke

Thomas Quirke

Submission ID: S490




Galway East, Roscommon-Galway

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Dear Sir/Madam

For the last two General elections Galway East has been split in two.  In the 2016 election a portion of

Galway East along the Roscommon Border from Ballinasloe to Dunmore was incorporated in the new

Roscommon Galway Constituency.  This area was further increased for the last General Elec on in 2020.  This has had a very negative impact on Ballinasloe Town and other rural towns in East Galway such as Mountbellew, Ballygar, Glenamaddy and Dunmore.  This has le the people of the affected area and along the Constituency boundary unsure as to what Constituency they are in and who to look to for representation in order to secure investment in the area for infrastructure, Jobs, Health, Tourism and many other services the people of the West of Ireland are calling out for to give balanced regional development. 

We are proposing that the Galway East Constituency reverts back to include all Galway East right up to the Galway/Roscommon county boundary and that Galway East becomes a four-seater Constituency.  We are also proposing that if the population of the entire county of Galway (City and County) is sufficient to enable 10 TD’s, that we have two five-seater Constituencies (Galway East and Galway West) with a portion of the current Galway West Constituency moving to Galway East to enable this.

We are strongly urging that the Commission to avoid splitting County boundaries if at all possible as people become unsure as to what Constituency they are in.

Yours Sincerely

Thomas Quirke


Galway East CDC

Fianna Fail

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