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Ireland’s Statutory, Independent Electoral Commission

Constituency Review Submission from Tom Coughlan

Tom Coughlan

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From:    Tom Coughlan

Sent:      Monday 13 February 2023 15:49

To:         ELC ConstituencyReview

Subject:                seats per electoral/dail boundry.

Short and sweet.

Why do we not have 6/7/8/9 seater constituencies.

As far as i know this is allowed.

We used to have such constituencies. Just add an extra seat or 2 if applicable to the existing seats

in a constituency..

1.would save having to constantly change boundaries.

2. would eliminate gerrymanders/tullymanders.

3.might be a little slower in getting results.

4. might cost a little more for counters .( STAFF ).

5, might give a better representation with changing demographics/citizens.

You would make a name for your commission

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