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Constituency Review Submission from Tony Wade

Tony Wade

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Donegal, Sligo-Leitrim, National Issues

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Dear sir, 

              I live in South Donegal and feel I should have the option of voting in a Donegal constituency. I have no wish for a TD from, say Sligo, to represent me in the Dail. Sligo TDs will represent the people where most of their votes come from, ie Sligo and not Donegal. It also has the effect that candidates from the small part of Donegal that is in that constituency, have little or no hope of being elected.  The whole of County Donegal should be on a Donegal constituency. Finally, in my opinion, there are far too many TDs as there are and it is wrong to increase their numbers. If the constitution requires this then we should change it. God knows we alter it every six months these days.


Tony Wade

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