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Constituency Review Submission from Vanessa Liston

Vanessa Liston

Submission ID: S515




National Issues, European Constituencies - Dublin, European Constituencies - South, European Constituencies - Midlands-North-West

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I welcome the opportunity to participate in this constituency boundary review consultation process. The Electoral Commission is a very welcome development and I look forward to positive development of our electoral systems and processes over the coming years.

With regard to the constituency boundaries for Dail and European elections I support arguments for a move to a single-constituency for European Elections. Only Belgium and Ireland are each subdivided into constituencies, with electoral results calculated separately for each constituency. A single-constituency can support broader awareness and engagement of Irish voters with European issues through the electoral process, and less focus on and salience of local issues. I also would like to highlight the proposed reforms of European Elections currently under discussion:

Also, to support greater proportional representation I propose a move away from 3,4,5 seats to a minimum of 4,5,6 seats. Boundaries should be kept intact at the county level as far as possible and adjusted based on population size to achieve this principle where possible. Alternatively, boundaries should reflect LEAs. Boundaries should have a meaningful connection with citizens and maintaining county or LEA boundaries as far as possible or practicable should be a key principle for the review.

Thank you for your consideration of these views.



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