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Constituency Review Submission from William Kelly

William Kelly

Submission ID: S431





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The situation for South Wicklow became evident after the 2016 General Election, where the last two elected candidates hailed from that region. A noticeable trend was emerging, primarily due to the concentration of the population in the northern part of Wicklow, which resides in the shadow of Dublin along its border.

This trend reached its inevitable outcome during the 2020 general election, as all five elected candidates originated from North Wicklow, living within a mere 5km radius of each other. Consequently, this has resulted in a significant disparity in political representation, leaving the expansive geographic area of South Wicklow without a voice.

In light of these circumstances, I urge the commission to thoroughly investigate this matter and take steps to ensure a more balanced representation across the entire county.

It is evident that there is a pressing need for the creation of two distinct constituencies in Wicklow: Wicklow North and Wicklow South. By addressing this issue, we can work towards fostering fair and equitable political representation for all residents of Wicklow.


William (Billy) Kelly

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