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Review of European Parliament Constituencies

In accordance with section 56 (1) (b) of the Electoral Reform Act 2022 An Coimisiún Toghcháin has been directed by the Minister for Housing, Local Government and Heritage to conduct a further review of Ireland’s European Parliament constituencies. This direction was made on foot of the European Council Decision (EU) 2023/2061 of 22 September 2023 establishing the composition of the European Parliament which was published in the Official Journal of the European Union on 27 September 2023. The European Council Decision provides for, among other matters, 14 members to be elected to represent Ireland in the 2024 – 2029 term of the European Parliament. This increase in membership from 13 to 14 MEPs necessitates a review of our European Parliament constituencies.

The provisions concerning the revision of constituencies are in section 56 (1) (a) and 57 (1) (a) of the Electoral Reform Act 2022, as follows:

The Electoral Commission is required to have regard to the following in making its report:

  • The number of members of the European Parliament to be elected in the State as may be specified for the time being pursuant to the Treaties governing the European Communities – that number is now 14 following the decision of the European Council on 22 September 2023;
  • there shall be reasonable equality of representation as between constituencies;
  • each constituency shall return 3, 4 or 5 members;
  • the breaching of county boundaries shall be avoided as far as practicable
  • each constituency shall be composed of contiguous areas;
  • there shall be regard to geographic considerations including significant physical features and the extent of and the density of population in each constituency; and
  • subject to the above provisions the committee shall endeavour to maintain continuity in relation to the arrangement of constituencies. 

The Electoral Commission invited submissions in relation to matters which should be considered in reporting on European Parliament constituencies.

The public consultation period for the review of European Parliament constituencies is now closed and the submissions made during the public consultation are now available to view.

Submissions received will be published on the website of the Electoral Commission at, and may be inspected by prior arrangement. The Commission is required to present a report containing the recommendations of the Commission before the Oireachtas not later than 2 months after receiving a written direction from the Minister under section 56(1) (b) of the Electoral Reform Act, that is by 27 November 2023.