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Ireland’s Statutory, Independent Electoral Commission

Commission Meeting DateMeeting Agenda Agreed Minutes of Meeting
5 October 2023Agenda (pdf) (word)Minute (pdf) (word)
14 September 2023Agenda (pdf) (word)Minute (pdf) (word)
20 July 2023Agenda (pdf) (word)Minute (pdf) (word)
6 July 2023Agenda (pdf) (word)Minute (pdf) (word)
15 June 2023Agenda (pdf) (word)Minute (pdf) (word)
1 June 2023Agenda (pdf) (word)Minute (pdf) (word)
18 May 2023Agenda (pdf) (word)Minute (pdf) (word)
11 May 2023Agenda (pdf) (word)Minute (pdf) (word)
25 April 2023Agenda (pdf) (word)Minute (pdf) (word)
30 March 2023Agenda (pdf) (word)Minute (pdf) (word)
28 March 2023Agenda (pdf) (word)Minute (pdf) (word)
23 March 2023Agenda (pdf) (word)Minute (pdf) (word)
7 March 2023Agenda (pdf) (word)Minute (pdf) (word)
23 February 2023Agenda (pdf) (word) Minute (pdf) (word)