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Research Programme Submissions

An Coimisiún Toghcháin published its first draft research programme for public consultation on 10 November 2023. Over course of the consultation process, An Coimisiún received a total of 62 submissions from members of the public, organisations and relevant stakeholders.

Submissions contained a broad range of research proposals, opinions regarding prospective electoral reforms, and expressions of support for certain topics being included in the finalised Research Programme. Submissions were carefully considered by An Coimisiún and its Research Advisory Group as this Research Programme was being finalised, and directly impacted the contents of the final Research Programme

Below is a summary document, containing an overview of the public consultation process and giving a flavour of the proposals, views and themes found in the public submissions. All 62 of the submissions can also be viewed below. Certain parts of submissions have been redacted under limited circumstances, including to protect the privacy and personal rights of third parties.

Research Programme Summary of Submissions (Word Format)

Submission NumberNameWord FormatPDF Format
RS01Ray CunninghamRS01 (Word)RS01 (PDF)
RS02Robert TowersRS02 (Word)RS02 (PDF)
RS03DCU Institute of Future Media, Democracy and SocietyRS03 (Word)RS03 (PDF)
RS04Niall and Mary McGuiganRS04 (Word)RS04 (PDF)
Prof. David FarrellRS05a (Word)
RS05b (Word)
RS05c (Word)
RS05a (PDF)
RS05b (PDF)
RS05c (PDF)
RS06Thomas CoughlanRS06 (Word)RS06 (PDF)
RS07Rory RutledgeRS07 (Word)RS07 (PDF)
RS08Peter McDonnellRS08 (Word)RS08 (PDF)
RS09Dr. Liam WeeksRS09 (Word)RS09 (PDF)
RS10LGBT IrelandRS10 (Word)RS10 (PDF)
RS11Patrick CorishRS11 (Word)RS11 (PDF)
RS12Maynooth UniversityRS12 (Word)RS12 (PDF)
RS13See Her ElectedRS13 (Word)RS13 (PDF)
RS14Tomás HeneghanRS14 (Word)RS14 (PDF)
RS15Cllr Seamus ButlerRS15 (Word)RS15 (PDF)
RS16Houses of the Oireachtas Task Force on Safe Participation in Political Life RS16 (Word)RS16 (PDF)
RS17Darragh BohanRS17 (Word)RS17 (PDF)
RS18Liam McAndrewRS18 (Word)RS18 (PDF)
RS19Aja TeehanRS19 (Word)RS19 (PDF)
RS20Niall Mac DhonnagáinRS20 (Word)RS20 (PDF)
RS21Joshua BoyleRS21 (Word)RS21 (PDF)
RS22William QuillRS22 (Word)RS22 (PDF)
RS23Peter McVerry TrustRS23 (Word)RS23 (PDF)
RS24Des GunningRS24 (Word)RS24 (PDF)
RS25David CarrollRS25 (Word)RS25 (PDF)
RS26Dr. Dawn WalshRS26 (Word)RS26 (PDF)
RS27Sociology Association of Ireland (SAI) Environment & Society Study GroupRS27 (Word)RS27 (PDF)
RS28Senator Barry WardRS28 (Word)RS28 (PDF)
RS29Andrew HoltRS29 (Word)RS29 (PDF)
RS30Ross McCarthyRS30 (Word)RS30 (PDF)
RS31Irish Council for Civil LibertiesRS31 (Word)RS31 (PDF)
RS32Dr. Richard ScrivenRS32 (Word)RS32 (PDF)
RS33Éamon McDonaghRS33 (Word)RS33 (PDF)
RS34Department of Children, Equality, Disability, Integration and YouthRS34 (Word)RS34 (PDF)
RS35Cllr. Séamus MooreRS35 (Word)RS35 (PDF)
RS36Brian CrowleyRS36 (Word)RS36 (PDF)
RS37Jake TrantRS37 (Word)RS37 (PDF)
RS38Chris O’SullivanRS38 (Word)RS38 (PDF)
RS39Ireland VotesRS39 (Word)RS39 (PDF)
RS40National Disability AuthorityRS40 (Word)RS40 (PDF)
RS41Cllr. John SheridanRS41 (Word)RS41 (PDF)
RS42Ireland Second-Level Students’ UnionRS42 (Word)RS42 (PDF)
VotingRights.ieRS43a (Word)
RS43b (Word)
RS43a (PDF)
RS43b (PDF)
RS44The Simon Communities of IrelandRS44 (Word)RS44 (PDF)
RS45Sinéad McMahonRS45 (Word)RS45 (PDF)
RS46Liz CarolanRS46 (Word)RS46 (PDF)
RS47Dr. Mike HynesRS47 (Word)RS47 (PDF)
RS48Ministers Darragh O’Brien and Malcolm NoonanRS48 (Word)RS48 (PDF)
RS49Dr. Fiona BuckleyRS49 (Word)RS49 (PDF)
RS50Ben RyanRS50 (Word)RS50 (PDF)
The Labour PartyRS51a (Word)
RS51b (Word)
RS51a (PDF)
RS51b (PDF)
RS52Dublin Adult Learning CentreRS52 (Word)RS52 (PDF)
RS53Theoretical Physics Student Association, Trinity College DublinRS53 (Word)RS53 (PDF)
Iulen Tazueco Manrique and Santiago Sáinz CaparrosoRS54a (Word)
RS54b (Word)
RS54a (PDF)
RS54b (PDF)
RS55Pat McArdleRS55 (Word)RS55 (PDF)
RS56NascRS56 (Word)RS56 (PDF)
RS57National Youth Council of IrelandRS57 (Word)RS57 (PDF)
RS58Seanad Civil Engagement GroupRS58 (Word)RS58 (PDF)
RS59Dr. Maria PowerRS59 (Word)RS59 (PDF)
Irish Traveller MovementRS60a (Word)
RS60b (Word)
RS60a (PDF)
RS60b (PDF)
RS61The Countess CLGRS61 (Word)RS61 (PDF)
RS62Jonathen HanleyRS62 (Word)RS62 (PDF)