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Your Vote is Your Voice

Thirty–sixth Amendment of the Constitution Bill 2018. The proposal of the referendum was on whether or not to delete Article 40.3.3 of the Constitution and replace it with a new Article.

The proposed amendment to the Constitution was put to the people on Friday 25 May 2018. The proposal was passed by the people.

Independent Guide

An Independent Guide was published in booklet form and distributed to all homes in the state. This guide contains a short description of the proposal.

The Commission also published an independent guide for people with an intellectual disability.

Archived information campaign website

The National Library of Ireland has archived the Referendum Commission’s information website for the referendum on the regulation of pregnancy. If you experience any difficulties or have a query in relation to this archived website please contact  

The Report

You can read the Referendum Commission’s report on the referendum on the regulation of termination of pregnancy here